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 WiiDO is the ideal partner for those companies who encounter barriers to the Far - East: barriers due to both the geographical distance and the cultural abyss, increased by the difficult and often distorted communication, financial problems and bureaucratic barriers. With regard to the supply of finished or semi-finished products, WiiDO has permanent structures in Italy (Gallarate, Va), in China with an ad hoc controlled company: WiiDO (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd,.and in Brazil.Even in China, the management is totally western and coordinates the daily work of the Chinese staff in contact with its selected manufacturing partners. The interface with Italy is constant and every stage of production is monitored and managed through a partnership between Italy and China. All this translates into benefits for the user:

  • On the one hand it ensures the quality of products and timely intervention during production, regular inspections are planned in line and at the end of production (all matched by samples, indepth reports and photographs), there is total control of production;

  • On the other hand WiiDO is "physically" close to the customer, is a solid Italian, reliable and easily identifiable entity.


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