WiiDO offices are in ITALY, in CHINA and BRASIL.

Either in Italy, China and Brazil the management is fully European.

All the operations related to production are run by the local Chinese staff under the strict lead of European management. All the business development and relations with customers are run by local people in each country.
The advantages that WiiDO working process offers are:

- Products quality and timing. This is the key point of manufacturing goods in a contest where the direct cost of production is generally lower than in other places. In many cases many players are attracted by lower direct costs, but don’t consider or can’t predict all the other costs coming from delay in production and lack of quality and conformity of the products.

The best way to avoid extra cost is to be near and inside the production contest. WiiDO working process is based on 100% control of the production line, management of all direct cost and resources.

- Total flexibility. Developing of products following exactly the customer needs. Each part of the goods can be totally personalized and developed. Always a proactive approach in proposing opportunities, development and new ideas.

- Immediacy. WiiDO is physically near the production and near the customers


- Design. The relationship with the customer is based on the creation and the study of ad hoc products, starting on the research of the materials of the best suppliers of Far East and Italy, but above all on the partnership between WiiDO and MONICA TESTA (Prograf sas). It provides a turnkey package that can go from design to delivery of ready-to-sell products, so the complete process of making a line of clothing with the PROGRAF studio.

The main sectors of productions are:

100% customized products, starting from a customer idea or from supplier proposal, delivering any good, packed and ready for market distribution. At the same time the product search can start from a target price of the customer or any supplier suggestion.
Personalized promotional items and gadgets for all industries such as t-shirts, backpacks, polos, sweaters, baseball caps.
WiiDO organization can find and manufacture almost any kind of product. Military uniforms, hospital wear, flight attendants, catering and cleaning wear, school uniforms.

WiiDO is partner of China's leading electronics company.


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