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WiiDO wants to be a reliable partner for those companies that want to expand and create new relations in the FAR-EAST in total and complete safety.

At the same time WiiDO offers to Asian investors opportunities in Europe and western countries.
Some of the services that WiiDO offers are:

- Partners selection for JV
- Feasibility studies
- Strategic analysis
- Business plans
- Patent and logo registration
- Commercial assistance
- Translation services

- Market test in China. Rooting on the Chinese territory of WiiDO, we can also provide support to companies wanting to do market test in the retail sector. Before making an important investment in a country such as China, WiiDO can do market tests with 1 or 2 WiiDO-managed bidding, even if strategically tied to the foreign investor. This is a point of WiiDO that, thanks to all import licenses, permissions and experiences over the years, can temporarily serve as a local distributor and thus provide a service that has a branch office in China.

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